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Footprints of the brown bear

House Pyrenees Bear

House Sastrès in Isil (Pallars Sobirà) has become House Pyrenees Bear, the first interpretation center about this animal in Catalonia. The historic building has been restored in a way that preserves its original structure, and also created a forum for disseminating innovative.

House is 35 minutes ago of our hotel and is a very interesting complement for your holiday in the Val Ferrera.

Following the footsteps of the brown bear

The brown bear in the Pyrenees can be found in any valley, mainly in Vall Ferrera. During its hibernation in Winter it is ensconced in steep and inaccessible areas, but in Spring, Summer and in early Autumn is possible to observe this magnificient creature. Although lots of patience is required as its habitat is in the high and middle mountain and escapes from humans.

Observation techniques

Material needed: binoculars, terrestrial telescope, observatory (hide).

Observation: This animal is an inhabitant of the middle and high mountains, its observation is quite difficult, if not impossible!. They are grumpy and intelligent, with mainly crepuscular activity, endowed with an excellent sense of smell. Avoid contact with humans as they can sniff them a kilometre away. To make good observations, place a hide in a high point of one of the valleys of its territory (previously identified by tracks or signals). Pay special attention to the winds as they may sniff us at long distance. And with great patience , a good terrestrial telescope and with luck we can enjoy watching the last brown bears of our mountains.

Further information about the Brown bear in the Catalan Pyrennees.